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Clever Living offers a full range of technology for home security, audio visual, data and automation solutions. Save time and money by engaging one company to work with architects and builders to design your project. Clever Living provides a written guarantee on all projects. 



Home Entertainment


Retain the style and elegance of your home without compromising on functionality.

The days of the stand-alone TV in the corner of the lounge room are long gone.  Add a DVD player, media streamer and a games console or two there will soon be a mass of cables and different remote controls to wrestle with. That’s even before considering the amplifier and surround speakers!

Clever living can integrate all home entertainment devices so that the room retains a refined and uncluttered appearance, with simple control delivered through intuitive tailor-made apps.

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Home Theatre

If you’re a movie fan then there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy the ‘Big Screen’ experience in the comfort of your own home.

Watch films the way the director intended – 4K high-definition widescreen, quality surround-sound and lighting control to set the right mood.

Sports fans will love the immersive experience that a home theatre offers, that is second only to actually being there!

Did you know there is a lot more involved in the design of a successful theatre room than installing some speakers and a projector and screen?  A well-designed home theatre takes into consideration acoustics, projector throw distance and screen size calculations, lighting control, speaker type and positioning and control. 

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Home Automation


Home technology devices need to be controlled.  When you add up all the home entertainment, lighting & blinds, heating & cooling, security, access control and garden sprinklers, that’s a lot of different controllers to locate and learn!

Thankfully there is a solution! Clever Living are control system experts and are able to tailor intuitive control applications that live on the devices that you use every day. No more hunting around for the DVD remote, or turning on dozens of light switches. Clever Living solutions give you control of everything in a single app on your tablet phone or universal remote.

Contact us today to find out what custom automation we can offer on your project.

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Home Music


Music doesn’t have to be confined to one pair of speakers in the corner of the lounge room anymore! We install systems that fill your home with music, with different zones to suit each space – motivating dance beats in the gym or chilled vibes around the entertaining areas.

Wireless systems make extending audio into other areas of you home easy, without needing to run additional cables.

We combine wired and wireless technologies with products from all the major manufacturers to create the perfect audio distribution system for the home.

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Home Lighting Control


Creative lighting control gives you the ability to apply customised scenes for different areas around your home. Choose from an intimate dinner setting to emergency ‘panic’ mode (every light on with maximum brightness) and everything in-between. 

The only limit is your imagination.  This level of control would be impossible to achieve with individual light switches and dimmers.

Clever Living has extensive expertise with lighting design and programming of Dynalite and RTI control systems and have installed systems ranging from a few controlled lighting channels to over one thousand!

Networking Example

Data and Networking


You probably have more networked devices in your home than you realise, and in the future that number is going to grow!  We think of the obvious things – laptops, phones, tablets and maybe a smart TV, but when you start automating your home the number of network devices grows exponentially!

Obviously this is going to be too much for your basic home router.  To support this your network needs to be robust and reliable with good coverage throughout your home.

Clever Living can optimise your network with concealed wireless access points, reliable cable infrastructure and dependable routers to ensure that your data requirements are met for now and the future.

Security Example

Home Security and CCTV


Feel safe and secure in your home with an intelligent security system incorporating access control, CCTV cameras, intercom, automated gates and keyless-entry.

Security systems have to be simple to use to be effective. 
We install smart solutions, featuring intercom system that communicate directly with smart phone enabling CCTV cameras to be viewed from anywhere in the world.

We can also integrate the security systems with your home automation control so everything in the home can be controlled from one intuitive app.

Maintenance Example

Support and Maintenance


Our service doesn’t stop when the technician plugs in the last cable.  We provide 90-days of unlimited free support after the project is completed.  This includes training and phone support while you become familiar with your new system.

We also offer routine equipment inspections and preventative maintenance visits to keep your technology investment operating at 100%.  Our phone support and on-site service technicians will quickly have your system working again. 

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