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Access Control

Access control provides the ability to restrict who enters and exits the residence or property. It differs from general security as it involves only the access component. For example, a simple access control system may be isolated to a keypad at the front pedestrian gate which requires a four digit PIN to provide access. This may be desirable to allow children access to the property without the need to carry keys or to allow a gardener access when required. An extension to this may be the provision of RF identification tags to a vehicle to allow access to vehicles fitted with tags, with other vehicles being denied access. Further access may occur at the garage where the garage door requires a legitimate tag event to provide access but only after the front gate has closed.

The access control system may integrate with the home security system such that the alarm is disabled when the garage is accessed by the vehicle tag. The access control system may be required to provide monitoring, generating a listing of who arrived and left the residence and at what times. This information may be of assistance in tracking access and can be further developed where individuals have different codes or tags to provide unique recognition.

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