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Digital Signage

One technology area which has changed markedly over the last two years is digital signage. Storage devices have significantly reduced in cost, increased in size as well as a significant reduction in the cost of bandwidth. This combination has allowed a more cost effective use of this technology. Digital signage differs from multi-media displays in that digital signage is more focussed on the delivery of the media content than the display format itself. Previously, digital signage was restricted by the resolution of the lowest resolution display but more cost effective processing and scan conversion has meant that this issue or limitation is now long gone. Content delivery is possible to a multitude of displays of varying types, sizes and resolutions, seamlessly and easily. The content can be delivered over the web to remote sites allowing synchronised roll-out with more cost effective content generation. The media can be sourced from a single location providing better control of the media, accurate and reliable distribution with consistent format and content.

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